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What is a W2
How to file a W2 form

The W2 online forms are able to answer the question, what is a W2 form used for. It is explained somewhat here:

At years end, employers have to send a W2 form to the all of their employees and the Social Security Administration.

This is what you need to file your taxes as an employee.
How to fill out the W2 for the employer - the w2 form needs to have this information.

  1. The employee's social security number.

  2. Employer Identification number

  3. Employers name address and zip code

  4. Control number

  5. Employee's first name and initial - last name - Stuff

  6. Employee's address and zip code

The second part of how to file a W2 form

  1. The wages, tips and other compensation earned by the employee for the year

  2. The amount of federal income tax withheld from the employee for the year.

  3. Social security wages

  4. Social security tax withheld

  5. Medicare wages and tips

  6. Medicare tax withheld

  7. Social security tips

  8. Allocated tips

  9. (blank)

  10. Dependent care benefits

  11. Non qualified plans

  12. See Instructions for box 12 on page 7 of the IRS W2 form (This shows the cost of employer sponsored health care coverage and is for your information only.
    The Code DD next to the amount will show that it is not taxable).

  13. Choose: Statutory employee - Retirement plan - Third party sick pay

  14. Other

  15. (State) Employer's state ID number

  16. State wages, tips, etc.

  17. State income tax

  18. Local wages, tips, etc.

  19. Local income tax

  20. Locality name

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